NBA legend Julius Erving to place first sports bet at Borgata in Atlantic City

NBA and Sixers legend Julius Dr. J Erving will place the first sports wager at the Borgata casino in Atlantic City on Thursday morning as legal sports betting launches in New Jersey.

When the neighbor asked what Winslow was doing there, he said he was looking for his big red dog Clifford. A spokesperson for Winslow later said he was just being sarcastic.

Winslow left, but was later picked up by officers and spent several hours in jail before being released on $50,000 bond. 

Blevins did confirm none of the alleged victims were from the mobile home park.

Maybe this sounds like the town you grew up in. And, indeed, it’s just like that, only here, the neighborhood busybody might gossip about the argument Drew Brees and Clay Matthews had about who’s paying for the new fence at the property line.

The occasional squabble aside, NFL Town is a nice place to live. Realtors use words like leafy, idyllic and tony to describe it. Best of all, everyone gets along. This community is inclusive… with one notable exception: On the outskirts of town, beyond the railroad tracks, there exists a hyper-exclusive members-only establishment known as The Superstar Club.

In short, The Superstar Club is a gathering place for the hamlet’s elite. Locals on the wrong side of the velvet rope grumble that the club is a source of dark energy, a cultural eyesore, a shadowy Illuminati-like lair where aristocrats consolidate power to control NFL Town and its population. Members counter that it’s simply a fun place to hang out, talk about life and have a drink. You get the feeling the truth lies in the space between. There’s a bad M. Night Shyamalan movie in here somewhere.

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