Bradford goes down with a torn ACL in a win at Buffalo.

They manage to finish the season with a 10-6 record, and thanks to splitting their series with the 49ers and the Seahawks, they edge Minnesota for the final wild card berth in the NFC.

Weeden does not prove to be the backup they thought. A four-interception performance in a humiliating Wild Card Round loss to the Packers leaves the Kromer and GM Les Snead wondering if they need to be aggressive looking for a veteran quarterback on the free agent market that spring.

Ask them who the Eagles’ quarterback was at Super Bowl 52. Carson Wentz is incorrect. Nick Foles, while being technically correct, is incorrect. The answer you’re looking for is Big Dick Nick, barked out in an accent that somehow sounds like Bud Light Lime smells.

Sing the opening to Meek Mill’s Dreams and Nightmares, then ask them whether or not it’s time marry the game. The response you want here is Yeah, I do.

Hand out D cell batteries to each Eagles fan in attendance. If the first five minutes of the event go by without a Secret Service agent taking one to the back of the head, you’ve orchestrated an event without any Philadelphia fans.

St. Louis isn’t the only surprise team with a shot at the playoffs. The Cleveland Browns look unstoppable with RG3 cruising. Through the first nine weeks of the season, they’ve got a 6-3 record. Three of those wins came against AFC North opponents, a sweep of the Bengals and a split with the Ravens, the only team in the division that looks capable of competing with Pat Shurmur’s squad.

In the luxury suites, the team’s new owner Jimmy Haslam is seen smiling and high-fiving his front office minions. The league’s chattering classes whispered he’d never be able to bring stability to the Browns, much less build a winner, but the standings offer the perfect retort.

You have to look hard to find many smiles in Miami. But at 4-4, Fisher feels good about where his team is at. He reassures fans and the media that they could easily by sitting at 6-2 right now, if not for a handful of flags referees failed throw and the learning curve faced by his young team.

And for me, I feel like this is the time to do that. And so, that message can’t continue to be ignored. And that’s what I think has been happening up until this point. So we just have to continue to stay on topic and continue to push the issues — and not this narrative of who’s right and who’s wrong, but what are the reasons why players are even so passionate about this.

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