Doug Pederson: Complacency can set in, but I haven’t seen it

Former Giants coach Ben McAdoo resurfaced last week for the first time since being fired late in the 2017 season and revealed that he believes the Eagles are gonna have a hard time handling success after winning the Super Bowl.

Eagles cornerback Jalen Mills called the feelings of an unemployed coach irrelevant, but every championship team has to deal with questions about whether they will have the same urgency that they did when they were chasing the title. Eagles coach Doug Pederson’s response to McAdoo acknowledged that concern as well as his different read on the situation.

The money associated with full-blown gambling could be big enough to force a change, especially if some of that money gets peeled off not for point-shaving or match-fixing but for information.

Who’s really hurt? Who isn’t hurt? Which player(s) does the game plan feature? With which team will a given player sign a contract? Even if players aren’t being directly paid for that kind of information, people close to them will have an incentive to listen closely, and potentially to profit from what they hear.

That information — what our athletes are doing, where they’re going — has a price tag on it, Schwab said. And as more money goes into sports betting, that price tag goes up.

He’s right, and either the players or someone close to them will realize that, and react accordingly. While those transactions won’t directly affect the integrity of the games, they will affect the integrity of the bets, because whoever pays for the information will have an edge at the window.

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