Wild Card Round – Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints

In this cornerback-centric episode of The MMQB, we talk to three CBs who changed teams in 2018—former Seahawk and current 49er Richard Sherman, former Bronco and current Ram Aqib Talib, and former Patriot and current Titan Malcolm Butler—to get their take on the change in scenery and break down their prospects in new defenses, or rather, old defenses with new faces. Plus I’ll give you my top 16 teams for 2018, and get into an interesting reaction to some bad news out of the NFL last week.

It was great to hear Sherm talk about what he be thinking on those plays, Talib says. Running to that certain angle, and he showed two or three examples of it. That was something I felt I could really work on. He puts a lot of emphasis on it, and it turns into big plays.

With Senegal out of the World Cup—and with it, the only black manager in the competition, Aliou Cisse—it appears there is much more work to be done.

As for racism in soccer, Seedorf wanted to make sure that the term is used properly and carefully because it carries a lot of weight. He said that, with evolving technology, it has become easier to identify fans actually participating in racist actions and to dole out punishment when necessary. But if things are to change, Seedorf thinks fines for clubs and teams is the wrong approach.

I think that, for sure, there needs to be taken action, he said. And not only in terms of fines, because I don’t think the fines would help because the fines have been going on for years and years and still we see this kind of behavior. … So I thought they needed to step up the rules in terms of when these types of things happen, to really try and identify and make that effort that these people are banned from football because they are not fans.

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