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Browns’ Damarious Randall: NBA Finals jersey promise ‘obviously’ a joke

eagles_127Browns safety Damarious Randall underestimated two things: the power of social media and passion of Cleveland fans.

Randall, who came to the Browns in a March trade from Green Bay, said he couldn’t track the number of re-tweets because his phone locked up when he tried to access his Twitter account.

I definitely didn’t think it would go as viral as it did, the 25-year-old said. I definitely didn’t think the Cleveland fan base would go this crazy about it. Obviously, it was a joke, but just to know how passionate this fan base is, I mean, it’s just really encouraging.

Randall wouldn’t say he planned to pay off his promise if the Cavs win.

One coach feared a plausible scenario where some players stay in the locker room during the anthem to avoid the team getting fined, some players protest on the field not caring about the fines and other players do neither. Teams could have three different groups of players doing three different things.

What’s clear is the NFL created myriad problems with something that was supposed to be a resolution.

If a player has, say, a $20 million offer from the Titans and a $15 million one from the Giants, the difference is so significant that the player likely is going to Tennessee.

What happens, though, if the offer is close, as former NFL player Geoff Schwartz asked on Twitter?

So with individual teams making their own anthem policies and I’ll assume fine schedule, w/some being the Jets (kneel away) and some being the Cowboys (don’t kneel ever)… if in the long run this will effect free agency decisions by top players.