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Terence Newman says this will be his final season

Terence Newman is no Tom Brady.

One season in his 40s is enough for him.

Newman joined the Vikings in 2015, and has also played with the Cowboys and Bengals, working with coach Mike Zimmer at both stops along the way.

When you have a quarterback that’s won as much as Eli, that played through a year like last year, the way to get him back to where he needs to be, we need to block them better, and then the best friend for the quarterback is the running back, where you turn around, hand the ball off and gain yards, Shurmur said.

It all goes hand in hand. Play action’s way more believable. You can actually run a bootleg naked with a guy like Eli.

And then when you choose to drop back and throw, everything’s not always on his plate. So it all goes hand in hand. But first, Shurmur had to believe in Manning. During our talk, he detailed a few reasons why he does…The passion for the game has gone nowhere. NFL players nearing retirement usually don’t call it quits because they’re sick of Sunday. They get tired of Monday to Saturday. And so what Shurmur noticed when he first took the job in January really resonated, because Manning looked like he was as far away from that as a guy his age could be.

The foundation’s op-ed was published Monday. The Jim Jefferies Show aired Tuesday. And now here we are on Wednesday, five years after NEVER.

Wood is the traditional gift for a fifth anniversary. Jefferies took Washington to the woodshed — and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation told the team when it’ll be eligible for its sports award again.

Not never, but not until the team stops harming the health of Native American children.

In college, we weren’t really under center like that in a certain situation, Jackson said, via the Baltimore Sun.

But now, I’m under it constantly. I’ve got to work on that a lot more. To that end, Jackson did spend as much time as possible talking to Mornhinweg, Harbaugh or Urban when the team was on the field.broncos_090_d07000fd8593aad3-180x180